Jon's Untitled Podcast sits down with Mark Hunter and discuss all things Down Again as well as Twin Peaks, and Mandy the movie. 

Nick Cavalier and Michael Farris from Coffee and a Mike discuss Nick's creative style and influence and the making of Down Again.

Mark talks with old middle school friend and podcast host Mike Farris to discuss Down Again and their hometown Strongsville. 

Mark sits down with My Own Worst Enemy podcast. They discuss hypomania, and the relationship between art and mental illness. 

Join hosts Johnny Crowder and Kristin Sunanta Walker from Mental Health News Radio Network as they speak with Mark Hunter.

Metal Wani‘s Carl O’Rourke sat down with Mark Hunter and director Nick Cavalier to talk about the collaborative effort between the two that produced their documentary, Down Again’.

The Mosh Zone

The Mosh Zone chats with Mark about his discovery of music, how he dealt with the ending of the band, his photography career, the recent doco “Down Again”, his battles with mental illness over the years and much much more.